This award winning book is a celebration of teachers who go above and beyond to promote acceptance.

Some people look or act differently. What about those that speak other languages or learn in a variety ways? The bully delights in taunting and putting others down. After he seeks the guidance of a teacher, the bully realizes that fighting is not the answer and that being rude is never okay.

Claudia Villarreal applies her experiences as an elementary school teacher as well as her time spent in classrooms and libraries as an author of children’s books. Michael Koch’s vibrant artwork enhances the meaningful theme of diversity while also adding charm to the transformation of the bully.

The book targets readers ages 4-8 but is a lesson for all ages, and is a wonderful way to open meaningful dialogue about the importance of being kind.

Our goal is to work hard to promote acceptance and 10% of all gross sales will go towards bully awareness and prevention.